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European Youth Guarantee needed to tackle scourge of youth unemployment

Welsh Labour Euro MP, DEREK VAUGHAN, has backed calls for a European Youth Guarantee that would provide every young person in the EU with a job, further education or a training place at the latest four months after leaving education or after becoming unemployed.

The European Youth Guarantee scheme proposed by PES (Party of European Socialists) is designed to help the 5.5 million young people in the EU currently without a job.


“There is clearly a crisis in youth unemployment across the EU.  In the UK alone, there are over 1 million young people unemployed – a rate of 22%.”

“Young people are not having the chance to progress in life, contribute positively to society or gain the skills and qualifications necessary to compete in the workplace.  An entire generation is at risk of being left behind, effectively slipping through the cracks.”

“Youth unemployment rates are alarmingly high and we need direct and prompt action on an EU-wide and Member State basis.  That is why I am supporting the campaign for a European Youth Guarantee which will give every young person a future with an opportunity of employment or training.”

“Every year, youth unemployment costs the EU more than €100 billion.  By utilising €10 billion in unused European Social Funding, we can bring 2 million youngsters out of unemployment by 2014.  If that is backed up by a firm commitment by governments, as already given by Labour leader, Ed Miliband, to prioritise young people, then we will finally be able to tackle the scourge on society of youth unemployment”


European Youth Guarantee



- Thursday, 24 May 2012 -

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